Fireball Privelege

tl;dr: In case of nuclear war, it is a privelege to be instantly vaporized in the fireball blast.

The concept of privelege has relatively recently become a major topic in the national discussion when considering things like race, class, and economic status. There are many forms of privelege that one may have to "check". For example, if you are white, or male, or cis-gender, or come from a wealthy family, etc. There are more questionable forms of privelege like being right handed, or being above 6' tall, or being skinny.

If I had to tier these forms of privelege I would probably order them something like:

  • Most important: race, class, economic status, gender
  • Questionable importance: right-handedness, being tall, being skinny

Now I could like to add a completely absurd category: Fireball privelege

The concept being: If/when nuclear war breaks out, you die immediately in the fireball of the nuclear blast. This means that you probably live in the densest or most populated and important part of a city. Which is likely to mean that you are also doing pretty good economically. Not to mention, you won't have to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, instead you'll simply be vaporized. That is all.

Zach Bellay published on

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