Officially Killing a Project

I asked for a new PC power supply for Christmas and my family (I mean Santa!) was kind enough to get one for me. I was able to repair my computer with this new part, and looked at the files on there.

I found the files to an old project where I was trying to create a 3D lofi hip-hop cafe that I wanted to eventually port over into the web browser. Here is what the unrendered scene looked like in Blender.

The inspiration

After looking at what I have, and knowing what I know today, I can tell this project isn't going anywhere, so I am officially killing this project. This is special beacuse usually I just forget about projects with the implicit promise that I will one day come back to finish them. Not this one.

I have learned a lot working with three.js recently about better ways to include 3D in the browser. Others have also executed much better than I would have. One website is

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